Weather Policy

As you doubtless know, we have no control over the weather, so here is the RULE concerning inclement weather (for any of you who are newcomers, and not already aware of our "standard" policy on that matter): We will NOT be rehearsing on the evening of any day that the Metro Schools are closed due to inclement weather.

As always, if you do not feel safe driving to rehearsal due to weather conditions, please stay safe and stay home.

Also, we will NOT rehearse on any evening when the news media announces that Metro schools will be closed the NEXT day following, because of bad weather — or any other "unforeseen" or emergency circumstance. (If schools are closed on any Friday, for some other reason, such as a "teachers'; in-service," or similar event, that would be a SCHEDULED closing, and not an "emergency" closing — so it would not affect us.)

If the weather appears to be "threatening," then please listen to the news broadcast stations for the official word about school closings.