Starting with the 2017 season the band will be rehearsing at St. John's Lutheran Church in Donelson. The address is:

3259 McGavock Pike

Nashville, TN  37214


The NCCB has always been open to any adult with musical training who wants to play. Many have taken their instruments out of a closet or attic after years of gathering dust. Most have been members of high school and college bands while some have been members of military and other professional and high quality amateur groups. No one is required to have received professional (ex. music degree) training, just a general music competency and joy for making music. This band has a stable core of about 50 members.

The NCCB is currently rehearsing most Monday evenings from 7PM to 9PM. For most current information, please check our calendar. The Band rehearses nearly year round with brief hiatuses in December/January and July/August.

The present members range in age from their 20's to their mid 80's. To date, people become a member by showing up and cease to be a member when they do not attend. This usually results from job changes, completion of a graduate degree or program, moving away, having children, illness, and death.

The Band members represent many professionals - lawyers, physicians, teachers, retirees, band directors, bankers, air traffic controllers, social workers, housewives, and others. The NCCB has not seen a return from the thousands of high school and college graduates with instrumental training until their careers and family situations have become stable enough to allow a rehearsal night. The Band also believes that in this busy world, performance can be a great "stress" reliever.

The NCCB was associated with the Metro Schools' Adult Education Program from 1973 until August 2010. No one involved with the NCCB is paid for their services.

This web site is a great asset to the band, but the webmistress can only do so much. We encourage you to submit write-ups, stories, amusing anecdotes of your fellow musicians, or whatever would be of interest to the band members and/or the general public. A group shot of your section would be ideal! Photos are definitely welcome. Whether they are jpeg or png, if they need to be scanned, if they are digital, we can handle most of them.

If someone out there wants to submit a column of interest on a regular basis, we can certainly facilitate that. Since the site is now loaded into a content management system, we can create a contributor profile and permit direct submission.

Anyone who can read music is welcome to join. For more details about joining the band, visit this page. If you want more information, send a message to band@nashccband.org or you can call Dan Shilstat - 615-352-7713 .