Open Board Meeting: August 23, 2010

Posted By samantha copeland on August 25, 2010

Nashville Community Concert Band
Open Board Meeting
August 23, 2010
Tennessee School for the Blind

The meeting was called to order by Ted Hellegaard, with 23 band members present, including 11 board members. Ted began by making several announcements. First, he stated that he would like to relinquish the position of Conductor of the band. Secondly, he wants to step down as president of the non-profit corporation that represents the band. Next, he asked if we would consider giving him Conductor Emeritus status, and he would be willing to conduct on future concerts if asked. Finally, he recommended that we consider Tom Steger to fill the position of Conductor and President of the non-profit corporation. He then turned over the meeting to Tom Steger.

A motion was made and seconded to name Tom as the President of the band's non-profit corporation. The motion passed. Another motion was made and seconded to name Tom as Conductor of the band. This motion also passed. A third motion was made to name Ted as Director Emeritus, and this motion was passed.

A discussion was held concerning the next two concerts on our schedule, one at the Gordon Jewish Community Center in November, and one at the School for the Blind in December. It was decided that we did want to resume rehearsals to prepare for those concerts as soon as possible.

Barbara Cantrell did not present a formal treasurer's report, but did say that we do currently have money in our account.

Dan Shilstat gave a summary of his queries on behalf of finding a place for us to rehearse, referring to the document he compiled that was recently sent by email to the band membership. Individuals connected with Glencliff have expressed an interest in having us continue rehearsing there, but without us being under Community Education, the cost of using any Metro school would be prohibitive, even if members of the band paid a fee to participate. With the current Metro policy and provisions in place, we would have to apply to Metro and be approved to use the facility, and the cost for each rehearsal in that facility would be approximately $300.00. The Tennessee School for the Blind has offered both a place to rehearse, and a place for storage. A motion was made to accept the offer from the Tennessee School for the Blind of rehearsal space and space for necessary storage for the foreseeable future. The motion was seconded. The issue of storage was then discussed. It was decided that we could move only necessary items to the TSB storage. The rest of our stored things would remain at Glencliff until told we absolutely had to move them. This would hopefully "preserve" our current storage facility at Glencliff in the event that Metro policy changed and we were to decide to move back to Glencliff for rehearsals. After this discussion, the motion to accept the offer by the School for the Blind was voted on, and passed. It was suggested that a letter of appreciation be sent to Peggy at Glencliff, thanking her for her support, and another be sent to the School for the Blind thanking them for their generous offer of a place to rehearse. In the letter to the TSB we would also volunteer to play for one of their fundraisers, if this would be appropriate.

Tom brought up the immediate rehearsal schedule. We could rehearse next Monday night, August 30, but the Monday following that is Labor Day, when we would not be rehearsing. Because of that, he suggested that we delay the next rehearsal until September 13. This would give us time to get the word out to those who were not at the meeting and have better attendance at subsequent rehearsals.

There was a final motion to give some kind of gift to Ted, in appreciation of his many years of service. The motion was seconded. After discussion, it was decided that this action would be deferred to the Board for suggestions of what would be appropriate.

The meeting was then adjourned by Tom Steger.


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